„We understand the needs of our Clients, Suppliers and Buyers, with this we provide the best service“

WBM International Grp. is founded in Köln, Deutschland, and here is our Headquarter.

Stadt Köln is a City that live more over 1.083.000 people, and the PIB correspond to € 63.4 Billions , with this become the fourth big city from Germany.

Here we have the most important Commercial and Financial Centre from the Nord-Rhein Westfalen state, moreover, is an important Logistic and Transportation Hub.

We are consisting of five Business Units (WBM Sales Partner WBM Consulting | WBM Trading | WBM Logistic and WBM Shop), which the Business Units are Focused the improvement of Results and Growing to our Clients.​

The Group is focused on Organization Values, with Management from the Introduction to the purchase by the end consumer, we apply the customization and understanding so that everything is within the standards and requirements of Clients, coupled with the consumer search market.